Coaster-Lab was established by Camiel Bilsen in 2009. It’s a company, that is driven on passion, devotion, affection and appreciation for amusement rides and the amusement industry. What fuels our passion is creating amazing experiences that entertain, inspire, stir the senses, and forge everlasting memories.

Coaster-Lab specializes in cutting-edge amusement ride design, one-of-a-kind ride concepts, 3D animations, pre-visualizations, and vehicle design that redefine amusement rides and explore the potential of innovation. Whether designing a seat, developing a ride system, conceptualizing a new kind of flatride, or transforming an idea into a memorable immersive experience, we deliver solutions that marry creative and technical excellence with budgetary and scheduling demands. We customize our efforts to satisfy each and every client’s unique goals and needs.

Our approach is flexible, collaborative, and scalable according to project requirements. We offer a wide range of creative services, so please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.